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“Mindscale Learning brings Lego manipulatives to a higher level of learning. Mathematics, Physics, Engineering – it’s all there, presented in a fun and energetic format to challenge young minds. I was amazed to see fifth grade boys eagerly calculating gear ratios in their heads. Spellbinding!”
Lee Ann Bandy, LISD Adult and Community Education Supervisor
“Organized, fun and truly an environment for learning more than just how to put together Lego pieces.  I personally witnessed not only kids having a great time, but also seeing kids learn basic math skills such as division and multiplication to calculate speed of cars that they built.  Many of these children had not learned these concepts yet in their regular classroom, but by the end of that day they had walked away with a new appreciation of how math applies to their everyday lives.”
Laurie Lentz, Parent

“Mindscale Learning classes are organized, fun and small enough to give children the individual attention they desire.  Geared for students in grades 2-5, “Lego Science Explorers” teaches kids scientific principles such as friction, pressure and force in ways that are simple and easy to learn.   Children construct working models, like cars and robots, while using Lego parts including gears, pulleys, levers and beams. “Lego Robotics” has kids in grades 5-8 working on laptop computers in small groups as students design software to control class models they build using Lego Mindstorm products.  Budding engineers will love this class, but it’s also a stimulating challenge for children who enjoy exercising their imagination and creativity!”
Susan Blockley, Director, Lewisville ISD Adult and Community Education

“I enjoyed building the drummer.   I also liked that we did not have to buy new Lego pieces for the project”
Jason Logon, Lakeview Middle School

“I enjoyed learning mechanics of objects”
Nolan Peet, Liberty Elementary School

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