Monday, January 17, 2022

About Us

Mindscale Learning Inc. is a Flower Mound, Texas based company that provides conceptual learning solutions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math covering important classroom curriculum areas while inspiring innovation, problem-solving, self-confidence, communication and team-working skills.  Our solution incorporates innovative instructional audio/visual aids as well as LEGO™ to promote these concepts through hands-on fun loving workshops. Each workshop emphasizes concept based learning as opposed to traditional theoretical learning methods and introduces these concepts in children at an early age to ignite their imagination where they are discovering and learning new things every day.

Mindscale Learning Inc. was established in 1999 and is a preferred afterschool science enrichment program provider for LISD(Lewisville ISD) and CISD(Cleburne ISD).


To help girls and boys cultivate a love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through experimental hands-on projects as well as promote their cognitive, social and emotional development.


Conceptual Experiment Based Learning
Gain Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills through experimental learning. Studies show that learning based on applied concepts are more effective in problem solving than traditional learning methods.  We strongly believe that putting children in a fun-loving, challenging and experimental learning environment will encourage them to explore solutions not possible through traditional rote learning methods.

Love for Scientific Exploration
We believe optimal learning occurs when children get the opportunity to explore the world on their own, but in a guided environment. With Mindscale, children learn by making experimental models.  We mostly use Lego tools that most of the children are already familiar with.

Lasting Learning Experience
Students creating their own solutions to problems experience the thrill of greater achievement. This makes learning an adventure and the more empowered children feel, the more they begin to take charge of their own learning process. 

Social Development
Build leadership and team skills, gain experience working effectively in project teams, express their creativity to others.

Spatial Orientation  & Fine Motor Skills
Develop multi-dimensional visualization and fine motor skills.

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